Monday, August 4, 2014

Zoo Day

We had a very busy weekend with a lot of productivity involved! On Saturday morning, we started off with the zoo. I plan on making a photo book of all of our zoo trips soon so I actually took like 150 pictures this day but I will only share a few from my phone so this doesn't drag on forever. On Friday night it rained pretty hard which meant it was overcast while we were at the zoo the next morning. My youngest sister also came to help us out because Justin was working that day. We got there at 6:30 a.m. and stayed until about 9:30 a.m. It may sound crazy, but getting out early is our way of still enjoying the outdoors in the AZ summers. I figure it is better than snowy winters because at least we can avoid some heat early in the morning whereas in snowstorms in the eastern states...there is no avoiding it. The kids had fun and we got to do some things that we don't always make it to including the kids farm area. It has a playground and a petting zoo. The boys got to meet Pedro the donkey and Teddy even kissed him. We also got to see the bears playing with a tethered ball that had snacks inside it. They sure are smart animals. Hopefully we can fit in one more trip before baby Aspen arrives
Two seconds later...Teddy tried to do the same thing.
Such a charmer!
The playground got some new ride-on toys!
Love how much she gets excited.
Reminding us that she is a toddler.
If you have ever been to the Phoenix Zoo more than once, then you know that this wolf is always laying in the exact same spot.

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