Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nursery Updates... and toddler room too!

This past weekend Justin finished sanding/painting the other bunk bed for Everly's room. Shortly after putting them up in her room, we headed to our favorite mattress store (R&S Mattress) to get Everly a new mattress. When my Dad gave me the beds they still had the same mattresses that my sister and I slept in when we were younger. Although the mattresses actually looked in pretty good condition, we wanted to get a new one for Everly to sleep on and we knew a twin would be relatively cheap. It was funny because she was acting tired and the whole trip took maybe 20 minutes, but she couldn't make it out of the store before falling asleep. The picture below looks like the mattress is smashing her head but she had her head like that before we even put the mattress in the car and she didn't wake up when Justin put it in. The bunk beds are put together in her room, but we will only allow her to be on the top bunk when we are in there with her. For now, the ladder will be tucked away in the closet. Also, we haven't picked out sheets yet so she is still dealing with some crappy purple ones (which she actually loves). I am so glad we were able to get these beds. It was so much more affordable than buying a new bed and I love that she has something handed down. Also, she has a big room and this really fills it up a little more.

She kept saying, "I love it!"

On Saturday I also went to Ikea and picked up a few things for the nursery. We got this kitchen cart to put next to the changing table to store diapers and wipes and things. I have been wanting one of these forever and I love it. I also got 4 of these spice racks. We painted them coral last night and are going to hang them and use them as little bookshelves. I got this rug because it was so dang cheap and also a couple of gold picture frames. I wanted curtains, but they discontinued what I was looking for so I will probably find some at target. The room is still messy, but it is coming together! Better late than never right...

I realized after we put the cart in here that I had absolutely zero newborn diapers, so I went to Target and bought a small package...just incase.
Super easy and cheap project. The shelves are $5 each!
Everly "helping"
A cute print for the nursery.

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