Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cactus Flower Trail Series: Saguaro 7k

Last Saturday I ran in the 3rd and final race in my first trail series. The Saguaro 7k was out at White Tank Mountain Regional Park. I had only been out here once before but I actually think I liked this location the most. Once I entered the park I had to drive for like 3.5 miles before I even got to the race location. It felt like I was really far away when I was really only about 35 minutes from home. This was the longest of the 3 races at about 4.3 miles. It did get a little colder the night before the run but I hate being hot so it was good running weather for me. I ran at an 8:37 pace which is really good for me and I also beat a girl who has beaten me in the past two races. I did hear overhear her talking after the race saying she was not feeling well and only had a few hours of sleep but I will still take what I can get. That was the fastest I ran in all 3 races and I ended up second in my age group again. I had a really great experience with this trail series. They are small events (obviously since I podiumed in all three events) which I like a lot. They are well run and I recommend them for anyone looking to get started in trail running like I was. For some reason though, races make me anxious so I am looking forward to a little break from that for a while. I guess I like training for races more than actually racing in them!

perfect race morning (luckily, no wind)
little tiny moon.

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