Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve Hike!

It was really nice that Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday this year. We decided to take advantage of everyone being off and the great weather and go on a family hike. It had rained early in the week and then was going to rain Saturday night but it was a beautiful rain-free hike. I wore Aspen on my back, Kim wore Cameron, and Katy wore Nora. Everly and Ted both fell and cried at least once and Roi got a few thorns/needles stuck in his paw (which Justin removed) so it was definitely a bit hectic but it is still fun to do things like this as a family. I almost always exercise while the girls are still asleep, especially in the hot summers so it is also really nice to have the girls be a part of that for once. Aspen wanted to get down and walk but then was really excited after she saw a hot air balloon. She just kept watching that balloon the whole hike down. We got bagels after the hike and it was a great start to Christmas Eve.

Christmas bushes at the top
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Dog Party.
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Aspen is two and I still love wearing her.
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The balloon got actually really close to us.

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