Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Everly's Christmas Party

Last Thursday I was able to leave work a little early to attend Everly's Christmas Party at school. I am so glad I was able to attend. I walked to her class with this boy Tristan's grandmother and she told me a little story. She said that they were playing LIFE at home with Tristan and his piece got married and they asked him who his wife would be and he said Everly! Everly talks about him all of the time but I thought all of the girls liked him so it was cute to hear he likes her too. But also, no. They are too young. Another mom told me her daughter talks about Everly all of the time too so that was cute. Especially because she tends to be a little quiet in class so it is good to hear she is making friends well. It was really cute to watch her interact with her friends and she also sits right next to the infamous Tristan. She decorated an ice cream cone Christmas tree, gave her presents to her teachers, and sang "Must be Santa" with her classmates (video below). It was a fun little afternoon and a great way to start the Christmas weekend.

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She made herself be in the front

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