Thursday, December 8, 2016

Children's Museum

Last Saturday my sister invited us to join her at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. She is a member there and had some extra passes and we are so grateful she invited us to join her and Mae. We have been several times before but it has been a while, over a year, since we have been back. My sister splurged for a couple special activities that day including making "snow" and decorating a giant gingerbread man. As much as the girls are pretty easy going, it was still quite the event wrangling them around the museum. They loved decorating the gingerbread man, but would have been just as happy eating straight frosting and candy. They also loved the noodles and were non-stop giggling as they ran through. Aspen and Mae definitely got some practice in the sharing department which they both struggle with at times. We don't get a ton of just "girl" time since Everly and Teddy are inseparable so it was really fun to just have a girls only day. Thanks for inviting us Krys and Mae! Here is a quick little video and some pictures:

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Ev and that cape...

Chev Evie

three cheesballs
two seconds later Mae saw the dog behind her and was gone!

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