Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Home Depot Workshops

We have been to two Home Depot Kids Workshops the past two weekends.  Thanksgiving weekend the kids made a super cute holiday picture frame. It was a simple build and we are totally going to use it to put the Santa picture in once we take it. Since it was kind of an "extra" workshop in November, it was really quiet at home depot that day which is always nice when wrangling up several kids. Last weekend the project was a holiday candy dish and was also very cute. Everly did such a great job at hammering all of the nails in on her project. We went to a different home depot for this one and it was pretty busy but they had snacks and a certificate when you finished. They also had a 10th workshop pin which Everly should have gotten like 9 workshops ago but we just found out about it so that was cool. She will get another one at her 25th workshop next year.
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trying to entertain these two during the workshop
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She's so cute!

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