Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1 Week Update


Today Aspen is one week old! Overall, it has been a pretty good week. We left the hospital 24 hours after she was born and it was nice to go home so fast. The next day (Thursday) we had her pediatrician appointment and everything looked good but we had to go in on Saturday for a weight check just to make sure she was still gaining. Later Thursday my milk came in which I knew would be good for her gaining. At around 5 AM Friday morning when Justin went to change Aspen, we noticed she had a very big rash all over her stomach. Seeing that combined with the exhaustion from having a newborn made me really upset. I didn't want her to be uncomfortable, and it looked intense. We called the doctor's office once it opened and they asked us to come in that afternoon. We went in and even our doctor said it was good that we came in because it was pretty prominent, but that everything was fine and it was just a normal newborn rash. Everly would get little baby zits all the time and they would clear up fast but this was just so prominent all over her belly that it freaked us out. I was worried it had something to do with my milk coming in but thankfully it didn't. The rash has since cleared up (thankfully because we have newborn pics tomorrow). It did dry out her skin a lot as it cleared up but even that is better now. Feeding has been going pretty well, it is just not super consistent yet. I am not worried about that though because she is still so young but it is just hard to learn patterns when she doesn't really have any yet. I also had trouble latching with Everly for the first few weeks so I mostly pumped so this time period of nursing is kind of new to me. I am pumping as well already to keep my supply up and start storing for when I go back to work. So far Aspen loves sleeping on her side and belly. She loves being in the Solly Baby Wrap and she falls asleep while nursing often. I know that it is going to be harder when Justin goes back to work in a week but for now things are going well. Everly loves saying good morning to her baby Aspen and always says, "she's soooo cute"! Hopefully both of them cooperate for our pictures tomorrow!

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