Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend in Review

Wouldn't that have been cool if I went into Labor on Labor Day weekend? Yea, I didn't...but that's okay. It was a very nice relaxing weekend and I got a lot of things done that I wanted done before baby Aspen arrives. To start off the weekend we went to my sister's soccer game at Grand Canyon University on Friday night. Everly had a ton of fun running on the track with other kids and dancing to the music during half time. I had some heart burn I think so I was kind of uncomfortable and wish I could have enjoyed the game more. She has another game this Friday (my due date) and then a couple of games in Flagstaff the following weekend. I really hope Aspen is here and we are out of the hospital in time to be able to go to Flagstaff and watch her play. We went last year and it is such a nice break from the heat but we will just have to wait and see. This weekend was also the last weekend for summer hours at the zoo (as members we get in at 6 AM during the summer). We took advantage of that and headed out for one last summer zoo trip bright and early. Everly was kind of in a "mood" (this 3 year old attitude thing is joyful) but eventually she snapped out of it and we had a good trip. She picked out a stuffed toucan at the gift shop and we also got her some giraffe glasses and she was so cute as we left and said, "thank you guy!" When On Saturday I was able to get my hair trimmed and colored (just to cover grey's, nothing crazy) and it is nice to have that done as I know there will be lots of pictures taken once Aspen arrives. We went to church on Saturday night and out to dinner just the 3 of us and it was really nice. On Sunday we got our cars cleaned out (mostly Justin did it all) and loaded the bases in for the newborn car seat. I think there was like 6 pairs of Everly's shoes in my car and like 7 headbands and lets not even get started on the toys! It is going to be so funny to see them sitting next to each other in the car soon. On Sunday we also got to see my dad for a little while before he moves to Michigan this week. It stinks that he wont' be here to see Aspen but he will likely have to be back in AZ for work a lot so at least we have that to look forward to. On Monday morning I went on a walk with my Mom, nephew and my beagle. My sister met us at the park and then we had bagels after. Justin and Ev met us for bagels and then we stopped by my sister's to pick up some last minute baby items that she had for me. We got a lot of cleaning done on Monday and I got a mani and pedi thanks to a gift card from my sister for my birthday. Some people say that a pedicure can induce labor but that obviously doesn't work for me. It was nice having Justin home the whole weekend and it is nice that today is already Tuesday! Tomorrow is my last currently scheduled appointment with my doctor so hopefully we have some progress tomorrow. With Everly I was induced at 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant and had her the following day. I am exactly 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant today so this is all uncharted territory for me and I have no idea what to expect!

  IMG_8549 IMG_8548 IMG_8551 IMG_8552
These next 3 pictures...all the attitude!
Because a picture is just out of the question!
IMG_8558 IMG_8568 IMG_8561 IMG_8578 IMG_8579 IMG_8590
And then she makes up for the attitude with cuteness. Also, meet Toco the Toucan.
IMG_8613 IMG_8626

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