Friday, September 12, 2014

Record Rainy Day

This past Monday we had a record rainy day in Arizona. We had been expecting rain as early as Saturday night and Sunday but it didn't end up coming until the early morning hours of Monday. I was awake because of my many trips to the bathroom but it was pretty loud so I probably would have woken up anyways. Plus, my alarm went off at 4 for the gym. I intelligently chose not to drive to the gym and slept in for another hour or so before getting up to shower. When I got out of the shower and was watching the news I realized I could not leave for work. This is what I saw:


Although that was not on my route, it was not far from my work and at over 40 weeks pregnant I was not about to chance it. I texted my boss and told him I was going to stay home until it calmed down. I decided to take that extra time to make some homemade pumpkin spice creamer for my coffee.  After Everly woke up and ate breakfast we worked on the letter "R" and made a raincloud picture becuase it seemed appropriate. Meanwhile Justin was working vigorously to keep our back patio from completely flooding.

Eventually we heard on the news that the Governor had declared a state of emergency and tweeted this:

Shortly after I got a text from my boss making sure I saw that and telling me not to come in. I was super excited to get a "free" day off especially at 40 + weeks pregnant. The rain eventually calmed down and then stopped and Justin headed to work. Everly and I decided to visit my sister-in-law who lives a few minutes away just to take advantage of the day off and get out of the house. It was nice visiting and seeing my niece's baby Remi, but I realized when I got there that I had a flat tire. I was stranded there until Justin could come and put my spare on during his lunch and am so grateful that my SIL was nice enough to host us on short notice. She made Everly a lunch and Everly demolished it. When we finally got to go home Everly told me in the car that she had fun at Carly's house, so it was all worth it! I was also able to take my car in later that night after Ev woke up and my tire was under warranty so it was not a huge deal. It was definitely a weird day all together but after seeing all of the damage and trouble that other people had in the storm, I am not too upset about my flat tire! Also, that little Remi is an angel baby. He sleeps, eats, and makes the cutest squealing noises. I sure hope Aspen takes after him...

IMG_8838 IMG_8840

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