Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2 Week Update


Today Aspen turns 2 weeks old. Things have been going really great. She is generally eating twice a night and I often have to wake her up to feed. She also generally nurses for 15-25 minutes and sometimes goes 4-5 hours in between feedings even though I try to wake her up after 3 hours. She had her two week checkup today and has not quite made it back up to her birth weight. We will weigh her again when we go for Everly's 3 year checkup next week. She still loves sleeping on her side and also being held up on your shoulder or chest. She loves being in the Solly Baby Wrap (and I love carrying her in it). She really can't fit in newborn footie pajamas (which is kind of sad) but we also have way more 3 month sized jammies so it is good. It won't be much longer before she is out of newborn onesies also. She is not super great at taking a pacifier yet but sometimes she does good. Last week we had her newborn pictures taken and got her baptized in the Catholic Church, both of which I will post about later. She has taken a bottle (of pumped breastmilk) a couple of times now so that I could go to the gym/run and has done great with those. It has not at all affected her ability to nurse from me either. She is also starting to be awake for longer stretches now and even making some really good eye contact. Hopefully it is not much longer before we start getting some smiles (that are not post-feeding smiles).

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