Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Baby First!

Yes, I am still calling Everly a baby because Aspen has not come yet to dethrone her from that title. A long time ago my sister painted Everly's nails (and never again) but I had never painted her nails. This weekend we did for the first time. I got a manicure and pedicure in preparation for the new baby last weekend (so much for that) and she has been really interested in how shiny my nails are so I figured it was a good time to paint hers. She did really well. It is not easy to maneuver around little baby hands, especially with a big belly, but she kept pretty still. Justin also helped speed up the drying process by blowdrying her hands and toes after I painted them. Little toddler painted nails is right up there on the cuteness meter with toddler undies! I said it makes her look grown up and Justin replied with, 'Wait until we see her next to Aspen." I don't get sad about her growing up because she is so funny at this stage but I do miss a lot of baby things so I am glad we get to experience that all again soon! I am trying to be patient but there is just something about hitting that due date that makes you REALLY ready to be done. Maybe Aspen wanted to give Everly a little more time as an only child before she steals away a lot of the attention. Who knows, but I am really grateful to have such a sweet little girl who is fun to spend time with and who is going to make an amazing big sister.


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