Wednesday, September 10, 2014

National Grandparents Day

Last Sunday was National Grandparents Day. It was supposed to be raining so we decided to take Everly to a movie and invite my mom. My mom is the grandparent that Everly gets most contact with by far. Justin's parents both have passed away and my dad just moved to Michigan, although even when he did live here, he lived pretty far away and he traveled a lot for work. My dad stopped by last week before he moved and she does get excited to see him so that makes me happy even if she can't spend time with him all the time. And not to worry, my Mom definitely makes up for it in the Grandparent department. She is the ultimate Grandma. I would have loved to have given her another granddaughter for National Grandparents Day, but that didn't happen so she had to settle for a movie. We saw "Planes, Fire and Rescue" because it was the only real kid movie out. Everly loves going to movies and is really pretty good in the theatre. We went to a 9:30 A.M. movie but that didn't stop her from inhaling the popcorn. That girl loves popcorn. I could just sit there and watch her watch the movie the whole time, it is that cute! Also, she is still free at the movies so that is nice. While sometimes I wish that Everly grew up with 4 grandparents like me, I know that every family situation is different and we are so lucky she gets to spend so much time with my mom. Happy Grandparents Day!

Don't worry, we don't buy her candy!
Everly and her Grandma!

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