Monday, September 8, 2014

Friday Night Soccer!

The past two friday night's we have been able to go watch my sister who plays soccer for Grand Canyon University. It is really nice because the school is in Phoenix and actually only about 10 minutes from my work and 15 minutes from my house. Two of my other sisters played soccer in college but they were both out of state so it is nice to be able to watch Katy play. The team has not been doing very good but Everly still has a blast going out to the games. The home games are still free too which is awesome because even her high school games cost money. Everly has been going to watch her Aunt Katy play soccer since she was just a few days old! Last fall we even made the 2 hour drive to Flagstaff to watch her play. She plays in Flagstaff again this upcoming weekend and I would love to go, but Aspen really needs to come soon if we even have a shot at going. If not, we will just have to catch more local games during my maternity leave. It is so funny too because I play in a women's league in the fall/spring and Everly is far more excited to go watch Katy play than she is to watch me play!

Literally less than a week old here. 
At Katy's final high school game!
In Flagstaff last fall. 
Justin couldn't go up to Flagstaff last year but he caught the game at home on TV! 
This past Friday night at GCU.  

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