Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Phoenix Art Museum

As an employee of J.P. Morgan Chase, Justin had gotten notification that we could visit the Phoenix Art Museum last weekend for free. Assuming Aspen didn't arrive, we planned to go because they were also having Kids Day that weekend. I am still pregnant, so Saturday morning we headed over to the Museum. As we pulled in to the parking lot she said, "this is going to be so awesome." I love how excited she gets about things and CAN NOT wait until Disneyland in December. We had taken her to this museum once before as they offer free admission on Wednesday nights for certain hours when she was around 15 months I think. The art is definitely not kid-friendly, but it is a good experience for her to walk around and have to be respectful and quiet, plus it is multiple levels and she loves going up and down all of the staircases. There was also a really cool dark room we went into that had a bunch of dangly lights inside and mirrors and you had no idea where you were going (and Justin even ran into the wall). Most of the Kids Day stuff was planned for the afternoon when Everly generally naps, but they did have Alice in Wonderland playing on a loop in one of the exhibit rooms and we caught the end of it and she loved it. Guess we are going to have to get that movie now. Here are a few pictures from our trip and one from when back when we took her that first time:

Little Evie
"He's stuck in his cage."
IMG_1500 IMG_1502
She had to jump on every single one of these carpeted dots!
IMG_1490 IMG_1493
Heading home!

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