Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Craft Day #5

Last week was my week for creating a craft for our craft day. I stuck with the thanksgiving/fall theme and we did some toilet paper roll crafts. We made two items: toilet paper roll turkeys and toilet paper roll apple trees. The turkey's didn't require a ton of work from the kids so that is why we did two projects. For the turkey's we had them paint the toilet paper roll brown because they loved to paint. We traced their hands on construction paper and cut them out to make the feathers and then cut out a beak and gizzard and drew on some eyes. They turned out cute. For the trees we put glue on a piece of construction paper cut out like a tree and let them glue on apple jacks to look like apples. Everly had never had apple jacks before and now calls them apple cheerios. Teddy continues to sneak to his project and eat the apple jacks off of the paper (even a week later) dried glue and all. That kid! They did actually do a really good job of gluing the cereal on at the time, however, and they had fun so it was a win!


Baby Aspen was happy at Craft Day as well! 

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