Friday, November 21, 2014

Imagination Avenue

My sister had bought a groupon so last week we visited Imagination Avenue for the first time. We got there on a Friday shortly after it opened and none was there and the place was very clean. That was nice because for a while they had the whole place to themselves. Even by the time we left there was only like 3 other kids there. It is basically like a little village perfect for imaginative play for kids. They had a grocery store, kitchen, fire dept, doctor's office, bakery, home depot, and a space ship. There was also a little fenced off area for babies under 1. My sister took Aspen in to play for a second and look at herself in the mirror. The space ship is kind of on a second story and there is a slide they can go down to get down from it. There is also a little cafe with very reasonable priced food, or you can also bring in your own food and eat it there. They also have a separate room with lots of wooden puzzles and games and books, although we didn't use it. They have a room for you to have birthday parties in as well and it definitely seems like it would be great for that. On Sundays they are closed just for birthday parties. Everly and Teddy had a blast and it was nice to let them make a mess and not have to worry about cleaning it up, although my sister tried to pick stuff up and I had to tell her to stop. If you live in North Phoenix with toddlers I definitely recommend taking a trip, especially if you can find a groupon!



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Teddy being sweet to Aspen and Everly on an important phone call. 
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