Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our first Halloween with 2 babies and in the new house was a success. A bunch of family came over to our house to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. We used to go in our old neighborhood and there was a decent amount of people but there were a lot in our new neighborhood. We are very close to an elementary school so that probably helps. We have lots of little cul de sacs as well so a lot of people sit out in their driveways and a couple of people even had fire pits out front. It was the first halloween for both baby Aspen and my niece's son Remi. They are about 2.5 months apart. Remi was Donald Duck and his mom Hailey (my niece) was a gum ball machine. Aspen and Everly were ballerinas and Cam and Teddy were UPS men. The weather was perfect, cool but not too cold. The kids got a lot of candy and we got rid of most of ours as well. Next year we will probably have a couple more walkers to worry about!

IMG_0823 IMG_0815
Earlier in the day because it was her first Halloween!

Aspen and Remi
Justin's Minion pumpkin.
Our two ballerinas. 
IMG_0849_2 IMG_0847_2
My (pregnant) Krystyn and nephew Teddy and then my niece Hailey.

The three musketeers...or mouseketeers.
IMG_0846 IMG_0850
Aspen wide awake for trick or treating and Teddy petting the cutest old hound dog. 

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