Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Craft Day #3

Last week's craft day was another painting/fall theme. Since we were using apples for this project we first started with watching a little you tube video on apples. We watched THIS video and it was really cute and good for them to watch and settle down while we got things ready. I was worried how this would turn out but it actually worked out, although, 2/3 kids weren't really in to it. We cut apples into halves and then stuck a fork in them and used them to stamp apple shapes onto paper. The fork worked really good at holding the apple on and providing a study stamp for toddler hands. We also talked about all of the parts of the apple once we cut into it and let them touch the seeds. Teddy even snacked on leftover apple that was not used for paint. He was definitely the best painter of the day. He is a good little painter, that's for sure. The next two weeks we are continuing with fall crafts because we LOVE fall in AZ, but we are taking a break from painting for a little bit.

Teddy loves to hold his cousin. 
snacking on apples
IMG_0744 IMG_0747 IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0754 IMG_0761

Must document that Aspen was there and very happy that Auntie Kim busted out her bouncy chair from the attic. 

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