Monday, November 17, 2014

Veteran's Day Zoo Day

Last week we took advantage of husband's off work on Veteran's Day (and are thankful to everyone who is currently serving or has served) and took a trip to the zoo. My youngest sister also had a break from classes so she came with us as well. It was crazy busy at the zoo. We went last year on Veteran's Day as well and I don't remember it being that busy. The kids still had a great time, though. We even took advantage of the great weather and let Ev and Ted go on the paddle boats (we lied and said Teddy was old enough). We also got to catch a glimpse of the new baby orangutan but were there a day or two before they put out the new cheetah's so we will have to go back soon! We are definitely going back for zoo lights soon as well and I can't wait to see how much fun they have this year! Hopefully the girls get a renewed zoo membership for Christmas so that we can continue to go again throughout next year.


IMG_1152 IMG_1156





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