Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aspen's First Swim Class

At exactly 2 months old, Aspen had her first swim class. Hubbard Swim offers free baby splash swim classes from 8 weeks old through 5 months. When Everly was born they actually let them start baby splash at 4 weeks old which I posted about here. I'm not sure why they changed it to 8 weeks but it would have been hard to get there any earlier anyways. Things were much more simpler with just one! Aspen did great during her first class. She really didn't fuss or anything. Of course, she is not really learning how to swim right now, but it is great for stimulation and getting them comfortable in the water....and did I mention, it's free! Kind of a no-brainer! Everly played around in the lobby area where they had snacks and a little jungle gym and was very well-behaved. My mom also came to help out with her so I could take lots of pictures. Everly loved her swim classes here and both of my nephews swim here and love it so if you have a Hubbard by you I highly recommend them! We have never had an instructor who wasn't great.


My nephews and the girls all each have their own personalized pottery barn towel. It is kind of a new baby tradition in our family now. 

IMG_1547 IMG_1554IMG_1559 IMG_1573
IMG_1581 IMG_1593

Big sister being silly! 

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